Always considering the client’s preferences in our residential projects is one of our outmost priorities when planning a space. Applying the knowledge of Architecture and Interior Design requires a thorough understanding of the practice and also being aware in its limitations. That’s why building a new house or renovating a space requires a team, a team composed of people with a special set of skills to accomplish the project from design to execution.

Personalizing a space is more than adding embellishments and displaying decorative pieces. This is where Industrial Design comes in to play, it focuses designing different products and accessories, it could be a display case for collectibles, a chopping board that can also function as a serving tray, or even a spice rack for the kitchen. It’s up to the user of the space how to personalize it to his / her needs and preferences.

All pieces shown below are custom built by Statera Design.


We’ll post a photo soon once we’ve set up all of our tools and equipment.


Wooden Shelf on Metal Wall Brackets. The good thing about using metal brackets is it is durable enough should the user decide to uninstall and reinstall these to a different location.
Plotted the distance of the wall brackets where a wine glass rack will fit in between. The height of the shelf from the floor is considered to assure that the user will still be able to reach the glass without needing a step stool.
Spice rack with S-hooks. This helped in relieving some of the counter space these small bottles were occupying. Location wise, the spices and other condiments are more accessible when cooking and doing prep work in the kitchen.
Narrow slatted shelf that keeps all the pot covers in place. Dowel hooks were added below to hang cups, mittens, etc.
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